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  • When: Friday, 18 October 2019
  • Timings: 7:30pm-9pm

    Where: The Foundation Room, Emerson College

    Tickets: £8 General Admission / £6 Concession (Free to Heartwood Students)

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TALK: The Melancholic Humour

TALK: The Melancholic Humour

Join Elisabeth Brooke to celebrate autumn and the Earth element.

"Autumn, complexion: temperately cold in the second degree. Better in the middle of it. Helpful in proceeding by degrees to its opposite as far as a hot and moist state. harmful to temperate complexions and dispositions to bad coughs because it increases melancholic humours. Removal of harm with moistening things and with bathing. Agreeable to hot and moist youths or adolescents and to hot and moist and other temperate regions."

In this talk Elisabeth Brooke will give an overview of the Earth element and the melancholic humour and its types. We learn about working with the earth element in traditional herbal medicine and look at its role in other healing traditions.

Elisabeth Brooke is a respected, well-known and widely-travelled medical herbalist who has taught workshops all over the world. She qualified as a Medical Herbalist in 1980 with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and ran a training clinic for herbal students. She was also a tutor at the School of Herbal Medicine, Tunbridge Wells, and taught the first Adult Education evening class in Herbal Medicine in London in 1981. She worked with Traditional in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic from 1989-1989. Back in London, she has continued to give workshops in Magical Herbalism, and Astrology and Herbalism, at UK Radical Herb Gatherings.  She is in private practice in London and is the author of Traditional Western Herbal Medicine and Women Healers Through History.

Visit her website: www.elisabethbrookemagicalherbalism.com