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The Art and Craft of Labyrinth

The Art and Craft of Labyrinth

A three-day course exploring the philosophy and practice of labyrinths.

 Learn the art of labyrinth design and construction.

  • Construct labyrinths including the classical seven circuit 'Cretan' and Chartres Labyrinth using compasses and straight-edge.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of labyrinth forms - ancient and modern - from around the world: how, why, and for whom are they made?
  • What is their significance and symbolism and why the contemporary resurgence of interest in labyrinths?
  • Develop your own labyrinth designs into  'block prints' for creating embossed finger labyrinths and prints.
  • Create a ceramic tile labyrinth.

Click here for more information on the Sacred Art of Geometry website.