Event Details

  • When: Friday, 09 November 2018

    Weekend 1: Folktales
    5th - 7th Oct 2018
    Weekend 2: Wonder tales
    9th - 11th Nov 2018
    Weekend 3: Mythology
    7th - 9th Dec 2018
    Weekend 4: Free Projects
    25th - 27th Jan 2019

    Fri 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Sat 9.00am to 5.00pm
    Sun 9.00am to 12.30pm

    Tuition Fee: £655

    There are a last few bursary places available for this course for students who are unable to pay the full fees. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     Emerson College  

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    Tuition fee for all weekends (with or without Weekend 1: meals & accommodation)

    Weekend 2: meals and accommodation

    Weekend 3: meals and accommodation

    Weekend 4: meals and accommodation

    For more information about the course please contact Roi

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 07726869015


FOUR WEEKEND COURSE: The Craft of the Storyteller

FOUR WEEKEND COURSE: The Craft of the Storyteller

Exploring the Art of Storytelling: a 4 weekend course with Roi Gal-Or.

A storyteller is more than a teller of tales; from the dawn of time, storytellers have been the teachers and guides, the entertainers, advocates of change and healers of humanity.

In this part-time course over 4 weekends, we will explore the Art and Craft of the storyteller, working on story structure, voice, gesture, movement, connection and audience awareness, spontaneity and improvisation, authenticity and presence.

In a playful, supportive and encouraging environment we will discover the depth and richness of the oral tradition, how to build a repertoire as a storyteller, and how the art of storytelling can transform our own lives and the communities around us.

We will be focusing each weekend on a different type of story and learn various techniques and skills needed to tell it.

This course takes place over 4 weekends:

  • Weekend 1: 5th Oct – 7th Oct 2018 Folktales/teaching tales 
  • Weekend 2: 9th Nov – 11th Nov 2018 Wonder tales 
  • Weekend 3: 7th Dec – 9th Dec 2018 Mythology
  • Weekend 4: 25th Jan – 27th Jan 2019 Free Projects



About the tutor

Roi Gal-Or is an internationally acclaimed performing storyteller and workshop leader publicly recognised for his unique playful and profound way of teaching storytelling over the last 17 years. Roi is co-founder of the International School of Storytelling based at Emerson College, England. He teaches the use of storytelling in service of the environment education, healing, peace and reconciliation. Roi works with the power of stories and the imagination to inspire connection and social transformation, foster vision, possibility, community and personal development.




'I came on the course knowing that I wanted to develop my story telling skills and hoping to receive a dose of inspiration to help me along my story telling journey. What I left with was so much more than I could have wished for, so much so that it’s difficult to put into words. Each weekend felt like discovering gold; so many gems of wisdom and troves of interesting and thought-provoking ideas. Each weekend, Roi created a space of sanctity from which we were all free to be seen and heard. This in itself is an incredible feat and to be fortunate enough to experience this is a most precious gift. By the fourth and final weekend we had the feeling of reuniting with dearest friends.

The weekends of the course were a momentous journey which I began not daring to believe that I could tell a story worth hearing. We covered extensive ground and navigated many challenges, gradually gaining confidence in putting storytelling skills into practice before emerging with the knowledge that we are indeed all storytellers with our own unique way of bringing a story to life. There is still much more to learn and discover and I whole heartedly intend to join another of Roi’s courses in the future. Meanwhile, I have taken so much away from the course to reflect on, to practice and to try out that the next part of the journey is already underway. What’s more, all the practical exercises, activities, discussions and coaching have given me such a rich experience that I cannot help but benefit from them at a much deeper personal level.

I am indebted to you for guiding me to find a stronger and more courageous voice, not only as a storyteller but in all that I do.' 

Claire Deegan – the craft of the storyteller 2017


'This course took me from a “quivering in my boots” teller to a “can’t wait to for my turn to serve the story” Storyteller. Generous teaching, I couldn’t recommend it enough!'

Mandy Bruce UK 2017


'The course has given me not only some excellent techniques to improve my storytelling, but also tools and insights which I carry with me to improve my everyday life! I’ve received excellent coaching from Roi in every session and made a group of friends whom I hope to continue our storytelling journey with in the future'

Lorna Burchell, Teacher UK 2017


'It was Amazing to see the transformation in my own and other student’s storytelling over four ,all too short weekends… Thank you.'

Mark, UK 2017


'This course was much more than I expected. It brought much healing for me and others on the course as we gained insight into storytelling as an Art form. It gave me a firm foundation on which I now stand upright as I begin my storyteller adventure. I am very grateful!'

Justas Mazeika, Latvia 2017