Event Details

  • When: Thursday, 16 August 2018
  • Dates: Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th August

    Gathering Fees:

    Residential (gathering, accommodation, & delicious biodynamic/organic breakfasts, lunches and suppers) -  £330

    Camping (gathering & delicious biodynamic/organic lunches and suppers) -  £260

    Non - Residential (gathering & delicious biodynamic/organic lunches and suppers) -  £220

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    For more information please visit the event website or contact Leticia Armengod 
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WEEKEND GATHERING: Weaving Inner-action

WEEKEND GATHERING: Weaving Inner-action

Do you look out into the world and see an unhealthy society and wonder how to live in it as a healthy human being?

How to find inspiration and stay inspired in a world which challenges us?

How to maintain and strengthen the inner balance while working towards positive social change?

The outer and the inner world are not experienced separately but indeed as a weaving inner-action.  

At the heart of this gathering lies the realization that our world is dealing with separation and fragmentation and that we as human beings are asked to find a way to remain or become healthy so that we can be free, active, hopeful, connected and encouraged in our work and life. Gathering all of these questions will guide us to discover answers together during this event.

Weaving Inneraction is a guided experience of searching for sustainable answers to personal and social questions that emerge from our relationship with others, the living earth and us. Our intention is to provide a time and space to explore these questions and search for answers so that we, from an inner balance, can be active towards a healthy society.

Emerson College will nourish and support us in this work with its beautiful and peaceful environment, its healthy food and warm atmosphere.