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  • When: Saturday, 01 December 2018
  • Dates: Sat 1st to Sun 2nd Dec


    Sat 9.30-5
    Sun 09.30-12.45

    Where: Emerson College, Forest Row, Sussex

    Tuition Fee: £140 (excluding meals & accommodation)

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WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Journey into the Labyrinth

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Journey into the Labyrinth

Be the hero and heroine of your life!

Join Isabella Florschutz for an biographical adventure inspired by the hero/heroine journeys found in many archetypal myths.

Myths as Initiation Guides

All over the world we find similar stories and myths arising from very different cultures, with similar themes, journeys or characters. They contain archetypal images and motifs which offer us potential wisdom on our path through life.

The hero’s journey is found again and again, what is that journey?

It involves a preconscious state and a setting off on a quest into the unknown to meet the fear of the darkness, the monster and trials and tribulations. 

Will the individual rise to the challenge, will s/he listen to the wise guide who accompanies and helps?

Will s/he return from the adventure with increased insight and even a gift to share with the community? 

Join Issabella on this exploration into the world which Theseus, Odysseus, Inanna, Persephone and others have gone before.

We will explore the seven stages of the hero’s journey and discover how to enrich our life with awareness and return with new creativity.

Working with the images that these myths bring forth we will discover their resonance in our life. We may ask questions such as, 

  • What is the journey of discovery we might need to make in our current life?
  • What fears do we need to face?
  • What area do we wish to mature into? 
  • How can we find patience and rest for ourselves? 

We will discover the treasures that lie within us and how we can bring forth new possibilities for our life. 

If you wish to open to a new adventure or if you already are on a path of self discovery, then this transformative workshop will support you to understand the stages of the hero/heroine’s journey. The process will be enhanced through movement to music (VitalDanza), art and ritual processes. 

Inspired by the work of Steiner, Jung, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, Vital Development and Anna Halprin.