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Exploring the nature of Tenfold Geometric Pattern with Daniel Docherty and Ameet Hindocha.

Daniel Docherty and Ameet Hindocha will introduce course participants to principles inherent in tenfold symmetry and geometric design. 5/10 fold patterns are based on the 'golden' phi proportion. The Persian pattern masters held this particular symmetry in especially high esteem as may be seen in numerous 'girih' patterns such as the shrine of Darb-e Imam, in Isfahan. As well as undertaking compass and ruler constructions and drawing exercises to deepen an understanding and appreciation of this unique symmetry, in the field examples of tenfold geometric patterns will also be studied.

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Ameet Hindocha is an artist and designer with a long-standing interest in mathematics, nature and pattern and

their expression in the visual arts. In recent years this has manifested itself in ongoing research and application of geometric principles to a wide variety of media and processes. Ameet is a theacher on the Foundation Art & Design Diploma at Camberwell College of Arts and a regular collaborator with SAOG Studios; he is also a 

Prince's School of Traditional Arts Open Programme tutor.