Event Details

  • When: Tuesday, 13 October 2020
  • to 15 October 2020

    Time: 9am – 5pm

    Course costs: £135 / person (includes free entry to lecture on Tuesday evening, tea & coffee on both course days)

    Lunch on both days: £24, single room and breakfast: £47/night, supper on Wednesday £9

    Limited number of places, early booking recommended.




    Public Lecture: There will be an introductory lecture on 13th October 2020 

    which is free for participants of the 2 day course.


TWO-DAY WORKSHOP: Why Cleaning has Meaning - About Cleaning and Caring

TWO-DAY WORKSHOP: Why Cleaning has Meaning - About Cleaning and Caring

Discover a new source of joy in daily chores, with author and lecturer, Linda Thomas.

It is important to investigate the health-giving effect of cleaning on the human being and on our environment. To clean, one must learn to perceive what needs to be done. Practicing perception and self-perception whilst caring for our home or institution, can lead us to discover ways of developing qualities such as: patience, rhythm, attention to detail, personal responsibility.

Everything that repeats itself in life can become routine, or when done with awareness, can become a skill. Through consciousness and devotion to small things, we learn to transform the act of cleaning into a nurturing act of caring. By creating rhythm in our lives and doing things with awareness and love, we can learn to have a relationship with the elements and the elemental beings.  

We no longer only remove dirt, we create space for something new. We may then consciously place the space we have created at the disposal of the positive and helpful beings living in the space we are cleaning, or the activities and people linked to the space. 

The course will include demonstrations, practical work and lots of tips about equipment and products, planning and managing the task as well as information on ecology and sustainability.

Below is the draft programme:


Tuesday evening, Introductory Lecture:

Why cleaning has meaning: About cleaning and Caring (free if you book the 2 day course).

Two-day Course:

Day One

  • Awareness and self-awareness: How do we plan and manage the tasks, to include everybody?
  • Demonstrations and Practical work (Observation exercises and cleaning: kitchen, bathroom)
  • Ecology and sustainability – Tools and products

Day Two

  • The spiritual task of the homemaker: The Home as an Organism that can thrive through care:  Devotion to small things, the seven life processes, creating space.  
  • Creating order and Caring as a developmental activity:  Cleaning and caring with people with special needs. The power of gesture. How do we handle objects in the home, especially those that do not belong to us?  
  • Demonstrations and practical work (Observation exercises. Storage spaces for cleaning materials, laundry, windows, living spaces)
  • Working with the elements and the invisible beings.


Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas was born in South Africa in 1953. She founded an ecological cleaning company in 1988, and from 1993 to 2012 was responsible for cleaning the Goetheanum buildings near Basel, Switzerland. Her passion for cleaning and her love for the task of the homemaker helped her to discover the profound effect that cleaning can have, not just on the spaces we care for, but also on our own wellbeing and personal development. Practical spirituality in everyday life.

She was responsible for the Housekeeping at the Klinik-Arlesheim in Arlesheim, Switzerland from 2012 until she retired in August 2017.

She lectures widely. https://lindathomas.org.

Her book Why Cleaning Has Meaning was published in March 2014 by Floris Books. The book is on sale at the college.