Gestural Performing Arts

Course Availability: Part Time

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'Hence it is from the representation of things spoken by means of
posture and gesture that the whole of the art of dance has been elaborated.'
~ Plato ~


Gestural Performing Arts Programme

Originally derived from ‘physical theatre’ Gestural Performing Arts is a holistic performance training, made up of a set of dynamic modules.
This is a very physical art form; narratives are told and images evoked through physical movement that initially emerge from improvisations with the body.
These improvisations may eventually be developed into more choreographed dance, scripted text, visual theatre, movement theatre or installation pieces.

Gesture is not an empty movement, it is a shape made with our whole being in relationship to what we encounter in our external environment. In order to create meaningful work we must explore the dynamics and energetic forces that lie underneath and in between our body and the body of the world around us. This is the heart of Gestural Performing Arts.

Gestural Performing Arts has a theoretical and philosophical base that includes the methods of Michael Chekhov alongside other inspirational theatre pioneers and practitioners Jacques Lecoq, Étienne Decroux, Peter Brook to name but a few! It provides a field of artistic expression which goes beyond one creative discipline with performers working as the co-creators of the material. Great examples of this include Pina Bausch, Complicite and Les Ballet d la C.

Gestural Performing Arts views art and performance as a social act, at its most profound when it is in relationship with the world in all its multimodality. This doesn’t mean that the subject matter of the work is overtly political, therapeutic or community based rather that the art form itself and the act of performance is seen as a dynamic, social, spiritual, healing and communal act.

Our job as Gestural Performing Arts Practitioners is to use our bodies to explore and access deeper truths and bring them to the world at large. Practitioners are taught to see themselves, their body and it’s relationship to external forces as a source of creative energy and a generator of material in any situation. Through gesture we can attune to other people, spaces and objects, we connect with the world around us profoundly. Everything in the performance space has the potential to be ‘alive’ and when there is a synchrony between performers, their props and the space around them something magic happens!

We animate the inanimate. We can create new narratives and tell them in new ways, we can become anything, and anything can become us.


Upcoming Gestural Performing Arts Trainings


June 24 - 28:   Performing the Language of Nature - Organic Gestures