Goethean Science

Course Availability: Part Time Short Courses and Workshops

'If we want to attain a living understanding of nature, we must become as flexible and mobile as nature herself.' - Goethe

Goethean science was developed and practiced by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the German poet, writer and statesman (1749-1831)

It’s an approach that enables informed appreciation of the ways of nature and appropriate partnership with them – much needed in our time.

While analytical approaches proceed through ­theoretical explanations, measurements and analyses, Goethe’s science begins free, as far as possible, of preconceptions. It proceeds gently and receptively through repeated, accurate, inclusive observation towards informed, enlightening discovery. This is accessible to all, grounded in reality and potentially applicable within many fields of inquiry and work.

Its practice leads to meaningful appreciation and respectful, purposeful participation in our rapidly changing world.

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Goethean Science

(Short Courses & Workshops)


We regularly run short courses and workshops designed to introduce relative newcomers and reinforce the practices of those already familiar with Goethean Science. 

Our short courses & workshops are planned to enable you to:

  • Practice fresh, inclusive observation, free of preconceptions 
  • Become alert to new aspects of natural phenomena 
  • Creatively explore processes of fluidity and transformation
  • Adopt habits of noticing, questioning and exploring alternative possible points of view
  • Escape the tyranny of discontinuous, mechanistic scientific interpretation
  • Come to appreciate the synergies between art and science 
  • Recognise more fully and meaningfully the relations between plant, animal and human life

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Relational Arts & Organic Design

(Full Time/Modular Course)


Relational Arts & Organic Design is an immersive twelve-week course exploring the relational nature of the world in which we live through a rich programme of nature-based crafts, expressive art and observational science.

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