Dorothy Marlen & Team

Holistic Baby and Child Care (EYE)

Dorothy Marlen

Dorothy Marlen is the course leader of the Holistic Baby and Child Care (EYE)*. She originally trained as a Steiner Early Years teacher and a counsellor, and has over 20 years’ experience of working with parents and carers of very young children.

Dorothy has authored a book called The Parent and Child Group Handbook. Hawthorn Press and writes articles for journals and magazines.

Training in the Pikler approach at the Pikler Institute in Budapest Level 1 and 2, with Resources for Infant Educarers in the USA, and in Psychoanalytic Child Observation at the Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy brought a new depth and sensitivity to her understanding of the needs of the very young child.

From 2012-2104 Dorothy organised the first  European Pikler Associated accredited Pikler Basic and advanced practice guidances courses in the UK and has co-founded the Pikler UK Association of which she is chair person. She is also the national Birth to Three representative on the Steiner Waldorf Early Years Steering group and chair of the Steiner Birth to Three working group.

She offers consultancy to mainstream baby and infant rooms as well as in Steiner/Waldorf birth to three care settings. 

Sam Greshoff

Sam Greshoff

Sam Greshoff began her involvement in Early Years Education and Care setting up and working in Steiner Waldorf Parent and Child Groups in London and later in Canterbury. This has led to her ongoing interest in working with young children and their parents. She has represented Parent and Child Group Leaders on the Steiner Waldorf Early Years Group for many years and has been involved in leading workshops and conferences for professionals working with young children and their families, she also writes regularly for the Kindling Journal on this subject. She completed the London Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Studies and became a Kindergarten Teacher at Canterbury Steiner School. To deepen this work and her understanding of young children’s development and needs she undertook the European Accredited Pikler Basic Training and then the European Accredited Pikler Practice Guidance Training between 2012 - 2014.


Clare better

Clare Benson

I have been working with Anthroposophy since my mid forties before then I studied the sciences and then fine art and held the direction of my own artisan food business for 17 years. Since my early 20s I had pioneered areas in which my talents could be worked on and developed later I began to wish to contribute my energies to Waldorf education to do this I developed by  reading  the inspirational works of Rudolf Steiner. I became a kindergarten teacher in a rural community in South Gloucestershire 2001.  I’m highly motivated to support and assist development in areas where there’s a need for Waldorf education particularly in Early Years Education. Whilst working over the last 14 years I have heard the needs of young parents for care of their young. This has led me to support the Holistic Early Years Education Course from its inception. The Mulberry Tree Kindergarten is small with an age range from 18months to six years and has a 6 hour day.