Lifeways 2017

Course Availability: Short Courses and Workshops

What is Lifeways?

Lifeways is an annual event, a week long experience of workshops, activities and music, suitable for the whole family.

People of all ages explore, create, and dream in a variety of sessions throughout the week (see the brochure for more details). Children engage in a variety of experiences including clay work, food preparation, painting, and cooperative games with their groups;

All meals are provided, attendees share responsibility for meal preparation.

Click here to download brochure and booking form.

Lifeways 2017 will take place from Sunday 23 July to Saturday 29 July 2017. For further information and timetable of activities, please complete the 'contact details' form and we will send them to you once they are published.

Read more about Lifeways in this blog post "Lifeways Week in England, A Heartwarming Experience for All Ages"


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