Studying Anthroposophic Healthcare at Emerson College

Student Sarah Orchard talks about the Anthroposophic Healthcare course

One of the things our Anthroposophic Healthcare (or nursing) students has in common is their praise for the course, and its tutors.  Here student Sarah Orchard tells us about her experience of the course, and why she would recommend it......

  1. Where did you hear about this course?

I found the course completely by fate I might say. I literally did an internet search for alternative nursing courses. I was working in an NHS hospital at the time, feeling a little uncertain about where I was going with nursing. I had been finding the work unfulfilling at times, with too much bureaucracy, blame and a lack of patient centred care.


2.       What influenced you to apply to join?

After looking at the course content, it really resonated with me. Even though I had no experience or prior knowledge of Steiner, I found the course content to be very thought provoking and also very intrinsic to the roots of what being a nurse should really mean.


3.       What have you enjoyed most about it?

I have found coming to Emerson extremely enriching and nourishing for the soul. The college grounds themselves are incredibly serein and peaceful. It makes for the perfect setting to study! I have also enjoyed learning about the anthroposophical approach to the human being; I have found this very insightful and thought provoking. With regards to the course content, I have especially enjoyed the practical sessions on the various external applications, the Goethaean observation sessions (although I hasten to add, that this took time to grow), the teaching sessions from some of the anthroposophical doctors and also the rhythmical einreibung sessions, (particularly receiving these treatments J)


4.       What is the single most important thing you have learned during the course?

It’s difficult to pin point the single most important thing which I have learnt, as it has all played its part in my personal growth. The course is structured in a way which really calls upon self-reflection. For me, this has been immeasurably useful as a tool for learning, as it has allowed me to follow my own process throughout the course. It has fed me insights into different perspectives of observing not just the self but also the world around me.

5.       What would you say to someone considering applying for the course

This course has been so beneficial, not just for me personally, but also for my family, friends and patients in my care. I have felt my passion for nursing become reignited and feel like I have been blessed with new ways of seeing nursing for what it actually is, at its core. I feel a renewed understanding for the fundamentals of caring, and also a deeper sense of respect and courage for the work we do as creators in the art of nursing. I would encourage anyone who is considering the course to apply because it will take you on a journey of development, probably in ways which you least expect.

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Studying Anthroposophic Healthcare at Emerson College

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