The Light Root at Emerson College

Learn more about the Light Root with this short video

If you missed Ralf Roessner's recent visit to Emerson in late-April, this short video is an opportunity to learn more about this very valuable and nourishing plant.


In mid-May we were delighted to welcome to the college Ralf Roessner, author of 'The Light Root'.  Biodynamic farmer Roessner began to research the plant and its background, but soon discovered problems with the specimens available in Europe. Unsatisfied with the standard of the plants, in 2002 he travelled to the original growing areas of Dioscorea batatas in China, where he was able to form a comprehensive picture of the best planting methods and conditions.

During Roessner's visit he explained how the light root stores 'light ether' in a unique manner, making it not only a valuable food, but also a 'carrier of the spirit'. This light root could even '...decisively influence the development of humanity and the earth'.

Thank you to Grace Connor for creating the video.

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