The Mystery Journey of Johannes and Maria

Excerpts from Rudolf Steiner’s four Mystery Dramas

Chair of Trustees James Dyson shares his thoughts on the upcoming event.

Last summer saw the first ever performance of all four of Steiner’s Mystery Dramas consecutively presented in English by the same body of actors at the Threfold Community, Spring Valley SA. Laurie Portocarrero and Glen Williamson took on the roles of Maria and Johannes respectively. Partly in preparation for this major event, they together produced this new dramatic piece – a selection of scenes from all four plays in which Maria and Johannes’ ever challenging inner and outer trials unfold, a seventeen-year journey condensed into two hours of intense drama. Glen and Laurie have toured this piece extensively through the USA, where it has consistently received enthusiastic acclaim. It is likely to be performed at the Goetheanum in 2016. I have been instrumental in arranging this sponsored tour and encourage you all to give serious consideration to attending since this offers a unique opportunity to see an original and enlightening piece of dramatic ‘Mystery Drama’ dialogue.

Glen has visited the UK many times during the last ten years, mainly as a storyteller performing his own solo pieces. As a partnership, Glen and Laurie have also toured the British Isles with two pieces “The Refugees’ Tale”, their adaptation of Goethe’s Fairy Tale, and “Aeschylus Unbound”, co-authored by Glen and the late Mali Powers.


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