Visual Arts Graduation Projects - June 2015

This year's Visual Arts students present their final pieces

This year's visual arts students displayed their final pieces to the public for the first time at the weekend.

This year's graduation projects became creative explorations of four different fields of expression in the visual arts:

  • Land Art by Chris Stott
  • Sculpture by Yuka Goshima
  • Painting by Takako Matsui
  • Installation by Samuel Beauquin

Here are some images of the work:

IMG 3047 

IMG 3034

IMG 3042

Land Art: Chris re-shaped the area around the pond at Emerson in great respect to the natural beauty of the place. 

IMG 3129


Painting: Takako found her unique way into painting.

IMG 3093 yuka1
IMG 3094
Sculpture: Yuka created a bench that offers a "lively" sitting experience.

IMG 3110

IMG 3119

IMG 3113

IMG 3124

Installation: Images in paintings, seen next to changing images in film projections, create a special atmosphere in Samuel's work.

Click here to find out more about the Visual Arts and Scultpure courses on offer here at Emerson College.

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