Why study Goetheanism at Emerson College?

Our Goetheanism program for the Autumn term has been published.  Here are some reasons why you should consider attending either a talk, full day course or one of the short courses.

The Goetheanism course introduces processes that can strengthen observational, creative and communication abilities. These processes will be of benefit to anyone irrespective of their profession and standing in life.

Insights into the activity and being of nature, which Goethe called ‘nature’s open secrets’, particularly in the realm of colour and metamorphosis, provide a foundation for artistic studies that stimulate imaginative processes. Through these studies participants will learn an observational methodology and artistic skills which they can use and develop in all aspects of social and cultural life.

The course will also be of special benefit to Waldorf teachers, art therapists and artists who wish to deepen their relationship to Rudolf Steiner’s approach to colour. These studies contribute towards a three year part time training for a Goetheanum diploma in the visual arts (visit www.columbine-aa.org).

Interested?  Why not take find out more about the course options we have on offer?

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