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Introducing our

New Gestural Arts Programme


'Gestures create a language that is understandable for everyone - a language that goes beyond words, beyond cultural borders, beyond preconceptions, right to the heart of what it means to be human.'

Do you want to give your artistic impulses shape and direction, refine them and embed them in a meaningful context in society? Then this International Performing Arts course might be the right training for you.

‘Gestural Performing Arts' is a genuine artistic approach that enables you to connect with the audience and social environment in a deep level, connecting the visceral, conscious and spiritual in order to convey your narrative and embody your artistic individuality more fully.

Our Introductory Courses are designed for students or professionals looking to seeking to find, enrich and expand their creative language and to refresh their enthusiasm for their own work through a period of creative renewal.



Introductory Courses 2018:

led by Prof. Roland Matthies

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July 1st - 15th 2018 (2 weeks)

Organic Gestures, Performing the Gestural Language of Nature 

@ Kulturcentrum Järna 

In this course, we will discover and create gestures of landscapes with our bodies and voices... Click here to find out more

 Course Fee: £ 980


Note: A total of 8 credits (ECTS) from 'Organic Gestures, Performing the Gestural Language of Nature' can be counted towards the Postgraduate Diploma for those students who decide to enroll for the whole programme starting in September 2018.

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Longer Term Courses:

Performing & Gestural Arts Postgraduate Diploma - led by Prof. Roland Matthies


We are also offering a Performing & Gestural Arts Postgraduate Diploma 

Designed for:

  • People with an artistic profession who want to deepen their artistic work and give it new impetus, forms and direction
  • People who work in their profession with artistic media or are wanting to apply it in their work and and are striving for broadening and deepening their artistic understanding or repertoire
  • or students having already completed an art related BA degree and are striving to achieve an MA degree (Master of Arts) or MFA degree (Master of Fine Arts) Fine Arts and Performing Arts in Society at the University HKS Ottersberg with professional focus placed on Gestural Performing Arts

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