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Dr Philip Kilner, MD, PhD (Goethean science and art-science synergy) Philip studied medicine in London and worked as a junior doctor before widening his horizons through life in Camphill communities and studies of sculpture and flow with John Wilkes at Emerson College. These led him back to medical research, initially on fluid dynamic aspects of heart surgery, and then in the field of diagnostic imaging of the heart by magnetic resonance (MRI).

Two contributions that Philip has made to BBC broadcasts are accessible online:

Two minute extract from "Heart versus mind: what makes us human?"

"What scientists believe": 28 minute audio, interviewed by Stephen Webster


Francesca Profeti (Community)

Francesca is House Manager at Emerson College. She previously worked for theatres, performing art festivals, museums and other cultural institutions as Finance and Project Manager, at the same time being a committed volunteer with NGO and social initiatives in Italy. A member of the Gregory Bateson Society in Italy since 2005, she's interested in exploring sustainable patterns in business and relationships.



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Steve Briault (Social Ecology)

Steve is Director of Development at Emerson College where he also coordinates the Living and Learning Community.  He is an organisation consultant  with 25 years’  experience.  He taught at the Centre for Social Development at Emerson College in the 1980s and has been connected with the College since then. 

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Daniel Docherty (Sacred Geometry)

Daniel received his MA in Sacred and Traditional Arts in 2004 under the guidance of Keith Critchlow and Paul Marchant (Prince's School of Traditional Arts - London) . He has subsequently undertaken extensive research into how the arts/sciences of the ancient quadrivium (Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology) inform and underpin the world's manifold cultural traditions. Daniel's teaching practice is based at SAOG Studios, Emerson College (an educational initiative that he co-founded with Kira Orsak in 2015); he also regularly leads courses and lectures internationally. 


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Vija Docherty (Arts & Education)
Vija Docherty is an an artist, illustrator and educational consultant. She has more than 22 years experience in various roles in Waldorf education ​including kindergarten, class teaching and co-principal roles. Vija also works part-time at Tablehurst Biodynamic Farm, co-teaches on various SacredArtofGeometry courses at SAOG Studios and abroad. She lives and loves with her three children and husband in an idyllic setting on the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex, UK.

There will also be visiting lecturers and contributors, and the possibility of interaction with participants from other courses taking place at Emerson.