Explore the musical and geometrical relationships inherent in the shapes within our solar system in this two-day course with Adam Tetlow.

Learn how to draw beautiful Alhambra patterns using the traditional tools of compass and straightedge.

Learn the alchemy and processes involved in making your own set of watercolour and gouache paints in this week long course with Daniel Docherty and David Cranswick PhD.

Learn the traditional techniques of Moroccan Geometry and Zouaq painting with Daniel Docherty and Natasha Mann.

Exploring the Geometric Genius of Persian master craftsmen with Daniel Doherty.

A short course exploring sacred patterns and mandalas of the world with Daniel Docherty.

A short course exploring the philosophy and practice of labyrinths with Daniel Docherty.

Join Daniel Docherty and discover finest examples of Islamic Geometric Pattern.

Sacred Geometry and the Art of Hexagonal Basketry with Daniel Docherty. A day long course exploring the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry in 2D/ 3D.

A life-changing two-day course with Daniel Docherty.