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  • When: Saturday, 16 May 2020
  • to Sunday 17th May

    Where: SAOG Studios, Emerson College Campus, Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

    Times: 10.00am - 5.00pm Daily

    Tuition Fee: £130*

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WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Architecture & Geometry

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Architecture & Geometry

An exploration of the Use of Geometry in Building Design with Jon Allen.

“Buildings are Alive, Magic is Afoot”  J. A.

...There are no geometric rules that will guarantee a beautiful building, just as there are no rules of grammar that will guarantee a fine novel, or rules of musical composition that will automatically create a masterpiece. Beauty does not come about by following rules: though neither does it come about by ignorance of the rules. Beauty is not a slave to, nor a simple product of, them. Beauty is always inspired - and beyond what thinking alone can grasp or explain.

Geometry will often be used in conjunction with symbolic number and significant measure. Indeed, as was well understood by Pythagoras and all who followed after him, geometry is one particular expression and embodiment of Number ...

Bix Studio Geometry in Section

Some of the geometric tools used in building design (and to be explored during this two-day course) are:

  • the interrelated set of primary ratios found in the first three regular polygons
  • proportional progressions and combinations of root and other rectangles
  • musical or ‘mean’ relationships
  • combinations of polygons

Extr. from GEOMETRY IN ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITION Some Guidelines - an essay (yet to be published) by 

JON ALLEN (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Geometry and Architecture