Storytelling Beyond Words

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Long before television was ever imagined storytellers and bards, prophets and poets were called upon to tell their visions and, through a live encounter, provide images that could direct, entertain, provoke, heal and reconcile the communities in which they lived and worked. Storytelling Beyond Words (SBW) is an indepth teaching of the art and craft of storytelling, aiming to prepare students to carry the spoken word and a lively imagination into their communities and places of work. To entertain, educate, counsel, inspire or advocate change.

Jill's Story

Jill McMillan, Scotland | SBW 2019 

Rona's Story

Rona Mentari, Indonesia | SBW 2018 

Siddharth's Story

Siddharth Gupta, India | SBW 2017   

Storytelling Beyond Words 2017

Filmed & edited by Siddharth Gupta