Storytelling Beyond Words 2022

Course Availability: Full Time

Sunday 20 March 2022 to Friday 17 June 2022
(1 week Easter Break: 9 April - 17 April) 

A 12 week storytelling course
to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.


  • What makes a story work?
  • Can words shift the world? 
  • What inner shift is asked of us to help this happen?

This full time, 12 week training in the art and craft of storytelling aims to prepare you to carry the spoken word and a lively imagination into your communities and places of work. Whether you wish through sharing stories to entertain, educate, counsel, inspire or advocate change; whether the stage, fire side, classroom, board room, or the bedside of a dying person is the context for your telling, this is our flagship training to develop a way of storytelling unique to your own voice and calling. Join us on a journey to light up your creativity and, through the surprising perspectives that this work offers, discover new aspects of who you are. This journey, both playful and profound, opens a path of development and transformation guided by humanity’s great shifters and shapers – Stories.

This course is being offered through Emerson College, led by Roi Gal-Or, co-founder of the International School Of Storytelling, together with Karmit Even-Zur.   We are delighted once again to be able to accept students from outside the EU onto the course.  

Would you like to experience what it feels like to take part in the course?

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Long before television was ever imagined storytellers and bards, prophets and poets were called upon to tell their visions and, through a live encounter, provide images that could direct, entertain, provoke, heal and reconcile the communities in which they worked. As a storyteller any story that you craft will in turn craft you to be a fit instrument for its telling. We are, in fact, made of stories, some of which serve our individual and collective endeavours, others binding us to outmoded images. Imagination, therefore, will be our key to the invisible realm from which all stories and everything new and possible can be born. Coupled with clear intention, this essential human faculty will help us connect to those creative forces which are ever available to us. The future is shaped, for good or ill, by the stories we believe and follow.

When an old story cracks and falls apart we know a new one is emerging. The story of our time calls for heightened awareness of themes such as the relationship between outer world and inner experience, and the dynamics between the feminine and masculine principles. ‘Listen to life’s movement’, it says... 'where it wants to flow, then risk following its currents'. The oral tradition is humming with fine and foolish wisdoms, and we invite you to join our enquiry into how what is sounding there can help the birthing of the new paradigm so much needed in our times.


As the pace of modern life accelerates, luring us away from the rhythms and patterns of nature, we intend in this course to slow down and attune to the heartbeat of the earth and open our five and twenty senses to the wonder of it. From this place of presence and connection a new language can arise. The art of deep listening is the foundation for the initiation of the storyteller, and as we practice it we will begin to develop ways to ‘speak into action’ the changes we wish for when faced by 21st century challenges.

Combining contemporary social entrepreneurial principles and skills with the repertoire of stories that you collect and shape during our time together you will be invited to create a research project on a personal, social or environmental theme (whatever is close to your heart) that can be taken into the world and engage the people around you. As the search for healthy social awareness is integral to the storyteller’s role, the honing of the required perception and skills will be a part of our practice. We, facilitators of the course, will strive to create a space in which we can all work and play together in freedom, sharing responsibility with you, our fellow learning practitioners.

In our work we mean to cultivate truthful, mindful and courageous speaking, sharing our passions, questions, vulnerabilities and aspirations. Walking this path you will be encouraged to align with your inner strengths and with the quest you brought with you into the world, remembering, of course, to have fun along the way.


Themes explored on the course:

The Oral Tradition: Building a repertoire as a storyteller, working with folk tales, wonder tales and ancient myths. As a group, we will explore the relationship between stories old and new, their relevance to our life, and which of them are asking to be told today. 

The Skills of the Storyteller: In-depth work on story structure, voice, gesture, movement, audience awareness, spontaneity and improvisation, authenticity and presence. 

Autobiographical Storytelling: Working with meaningful experiences of your life and shaping them into stories to inspire individuals and communities and to nourish the earth. 

Visionary activism: Imagination, activated through work with stories, ritual, performance art and games, will enhance your potential to inspire, foster hope and bring into public consciousness the new narratives and visions that you wish to share. 

Coaching: In a supportive atmosphere with individual tutorials, feedback and coaching you will develop your own style of telling and find what you wish to serve with your unique voice and stories.

Social action: Learning to use story, strategy and structure to put your vision into action. Developing ‘out of the box’ solutions to challenges you wish to address. 

Deep listening in nature: Practices to tune in to the inter-relationships between all living systems, and our evolving planet as a conscious entity full of life and stories. 

Performances: Throughout the course there will be plenty of scope for practicing your stories, including weekly opportunities to share them with a variety of audiences. 

Self study: Participants are expected to put in a certain amount of work to get the most out of the course. This includes reading stories to find the ones they wish to work with and doing the required assignments over the weekends and breaks. 

Supporting subjects will include: singing, movement, games and improvisation, connecting with nature, writing creatively and artistic craftwork. 

Over the years we have worked with people from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities, ages and professions. The working language is English.


roi with parrotCourseCarriers KarmitEvenzur

Course Carriers: Roi Gal-Or and Karmit Even-Zur
And the wonderful team of guest teachers.


Course Fees

These prices do not include residential accommodation and meal options or travel.

  • £4,320 Standard course fee 


To apply for a place on the course please download and fill out the form below and email it, along with the other documents required (listed within the application form), to Chiara Carones at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

Application Form -  SBW 2022


Thanks to a generous legacy gift, we are able during the calendar year 20/21 to offer bursaries of up to 40% of tuition fees for Emerson Courses - for more information please contact Chiara Carones at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:



This is the greatest gift I have ever received.
I bless the moment my feet led me here.
Thank you for your infinite dedication for creating
a safe place for growth and discovery.
Noa Keinan, IS.


This course has given me everything I dared, hoped, or dreamed for. It is indeed a foundation course for life in the 21st century. Almost everything about this course was so deeply, thoughtfully, and intuitively created lovingly taking into account the feedback from the group. Roi and Karmit's holding, guiding, and inspiriing leadership as well as being witness. The contributing teachers for adding herb and spices, and contribuing to a healthy fullness, extending me into singing, word-smithing, geometring, and deeply into my body. Judith Frost Evans, NZ.

To experience creativity and see how it enriches your own life and to be able to use this for your community and the world in a double gift. Sharing stories can change everything if you allow it. Olivia Watchman, AUS.

This course was very much more than I anticipated or expected. It combined structure and purpose as well as wonder and magic. Dori Crossman, UK.

I've left really enable to create a storytelling performance by all the support I've had. Kerima Mohideen, UK.

Storytelling Beyond Words is truly so much more than learning how to tell stories. Not only have I got a sack full of storytelling tools when I now leave, but I've learned so much about myself and have grown so much on a personal level thanks to the magical and safe space that was held for me at the International School of Storytelling. This is a space where the teachers walk their talk, embody the attitude of inclusion, creating a very safe space for growth, for daring to move out of one's own comfort zone, leading by example. Synnove Froiland.

Slow cook into wizardry. A journey into soul nourishing and depth. With our breath, intention, and imagination we have grown and reconnected to a way of being; ancient, mythic, and profound. Heather Jane.


A course that offers nourishment for body, mind, and soul. It allows integration, transformation, and empowerment to bring ourselves into the world. It connects ancient rituals and traditions with the spirit of this time. A real mystery school! 

Storytelling Beyond Words follows an Oral Tradition. Stories have been carried on from mouth to mouth, eye to eye, gesture to gesture. The storyteller's instrument is his own body, his hands, his face, his voice, his feet, his heart. I like to see his mind as the servant whose wild expansive capacity of imagination can inspire and nourish the body, and travel to places inside the soul to reveal deep mysteries. His heart is the centre of the delivery of the story. His ability to love is his motor, his search, his call his goal his gift! If the heart can take the loving lead, the mind becomes the deeply inspired servant, and the body the temple, the landscape, the vessel the instrument, the beloved one of the mind. When Heart, Mind, and Body are aligned in integral trinity, the storyteller can open himself for the soul of story and let her express herself through him. He becomes the vessel to raise her voice and open a field, a temple beyond words that our hearts know well. It is medicine, it is the well or the mystery, beyond duality.

Story containing mysteries of humanity, breathing Poetry. Transforming history, re-informing memory, inviting vulnerability, fostering creativity, grounding us in integrity, warming interdependency. Invites the rawness of the feeling to be the substance of our healing, the stories motions offers pealing, the hardened, heart, starts its revealing pathway towards inner peace, every story is a piece of the multilayered puzzles of polarities of gracious, inabilities imperfected harmonies, polluted purities. So bear with we, and dare to see, the essence of our story, that we collectively weave as the sea shapes its shore. Let's bring our stories to their core, To the place of rawest feeling, To the heart of our healing.
Darius Matthies, Germany.


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