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  • When: Sunday, 05 June 2022
  • to Friday, 10 June 2022

    Starts 19:30 on first day - Finishes 12:30 on last day

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SHORT COURSE: The Storyteller & The Clown / Part 3

SHORT COURSE: The Storyteller & The Clown / Part 3

An exploration of the roots of love, fear and longing with Vivian Gladwell and Ashley Ramsden.

What can the storyteller and the clown offer us in these ever-changing times? Drawing on the knowledge of brain research we can now understand how to better handle either the stories we are told or the stories we tell ourselves. These are vital life-giving insights, especially helpful in counteracting fear. But there’s more……in the hands of the clown this information can turn into creativity, inspiration and sheer joy.

In this course we’ll begin with exploring different kinds of consciousness which have their origin in the three brains that underpin our awareness. Each of these centres carry their own narratives, wonderful sources for clowns and storytellers. Becoming familiar with them we can win new perspectives and freedoms on how to respond to any situation that attempts to restrict us.

If you’re looking for some re-connection in these tumultuous times this course will be a lifeline.

This course is part 3 of a three part course. You are welcome to join at any stage with or without previous experience of storytelling or clowning.

Discounts available when booking 2 or all 3 courses.

The group is limited to 14


Vivian Gladwell

Vivian close 2

Vivian is the founder and director of Nose to Nose and has given hundreds of workshops around the world. He lives both in the UK and France where he started clowning in 1978. He speaks French and English fluently.

Vivian began teaching in 1988 as part of the Lifeways Festival at Emerson College – UK. He trained as a facilitator with the Bataclown in 1990 and joined their team in 1991 also working as a modern day Court Jester (Clownanalyst).

He created Nose to Nose UK in 1990, Nose to Nose of North America in2006 and Fool View, the Social Clowning group and has trained facilitators in the UK, the USA, Germany and Italy – view history.

He continues his role as ambassador for the work by researching the applications of clowning in the context of teacher training, medicine, conflict management, ecology and intercultural work in many countries (South Africa, USA, Senegal, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Norway…)

He holds clowning as a social playground for exploring our humanity.


Ashley Ramsden

SOS Ashley Ramsden 300x169

Ashley Ramsden is the founding director of the School of Storytelling, the longest established centre of its kind in the United Kingdom.

He has toured with his remarkable storytelling programmes on all five continents, has appeared at major storytelling festivals in the UK, South Africa, Scandinavia and America.

He is as much at home telling in the Sydney Opera House or alongside the London Symphony Orchestra as he is in your front room. Ashley’s unique methods of teaching voice and the skills of the storyteller have received international acclaim.


The School of Storytelling

The School of Storytelling, Emerson College, the longest running centre of its kind. Founded in 1994, we continue to run courses and welcome people from all cultures, backgrounds, genders, ages and experience.

'We are all born storytellers. Storytelling is how we make sense of the world, who we are, where we are going and how we communicate this to others, personally or professionally.

Storytelling underpins everything we do: entertainment, education, healing, activism.

Our belief systems are stories, every algorithm tells a story. The myths, legends, folk and fairy tales that every culture has left behind are all "the distilled essence of human experience.'

For more information please visit https://www.schoolofstorytelling.com