Surface & Form

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Surface & Form

6th to 24th January 2020

A three-week course in clay relief-making.

Explore the Art of Relief with Nick Weidmann.

How many different types of surface are there?

What are their qualities?

When we open our eyes to the nature of surfaces, learn to see, understand and create them, we can enrich our own sculptural practice and understanding of the forms in the world.

This is a three week full-time course that will look at 2 dimensional surfaces in sculpture and then apply what is learnt to making large scale artistic clay reliefs. It provides an introduction to sculpture, working with clay to teach new ways of seeing and creating. During the course we will learn how to recognise the features of different surfaces, their typology, their mathematical structure, their inner qualities and the feelings each one evokes within us. We will understand how to bring these conciously into the artistic realm and learn to ‘paint’ with them through observing how the light works with clay.

During the first week students are invited to work with clay in different ways, seeing the surfaces as they emerge. In the second week they will then start to make large-scale clay reliefs, developing an understanding of positive and negative space, of composition, of movement, of mass and of the interaction of space and form.

Each student will be given time, space and guidance in which to experiment, to bring their own questions and creative impulses to their work. At the end of the course each person will have created a large-scale relief, have learnt to understand the geography, language and story of surfaces and begun to develop their own sculptural language.

This course provides an important foundation for anyone looking to learn sculpture. Once we learn to see and work with surfaces we are ready to take the next step and go inside, to learn to see what is beneath and so sense the inner qualities within a form.



Through observation training exercises, and learning the principals of sculpture, enable the students to realise their creative intentions in a clay relief. This course forms the first block of a potential series of sculpture courses with subsequent blocks focusing on 3 dimensional forms in the round. 

The course enables students to:

- Understand the fundamental principles of sculpture, including mass, space, force and movement.
- Be able to realise their personal creative intentions in an art work.
- Have deepened and extended their skills in observation and knowledge of the surfaces that create all forms.



People who are new to sculpture and looking for a place to begin

Anyone interested in sculpture who would like to work with clay and relief-making

People wanting to enrich their understanding of the relationship of surface and form

Anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a creative environment to explore their own artistic impulse

The course is open to anyone, with or without artistic experience.



The programme has a limit of 10 places.  Applications will be considered in order of receipt and Emerson reserves the right to refuse a place. The application process, from Emerson’s receipt of completed application and deposit to final acceptance or rejection of application, will normally take 3 weeks.  However, this can be delayed if supporting documents are delayed.  Candidates will receive email acknowledgment of receipt of their application within 3 working days of receipt. 


TUITION FEE:  £800* 

*The price includes materials but excludes accommodation, meals and travel costs.