Visual Arts and Sculpture

Course Availability: Full Time


The Visual Arts course is a time of intense artistic exploration to rediscover creativity, awaken imaginative capacities and develop new ways of seeing the world. We will search to uncover the essential elements of each art form, through experiencing what lives in the three-dimensional world of sculpture, the two-dimensional world of colour and the play of line and tone in drawing. This will enable us to find a secure ground for our own individual creativity and enliven our appreciation of nature, earlier cultures and the art of today.

The course provides a balanced programme of clay modelling, painting, drawing, wood and stone carving, history of art, Goethean observation, study groups and eurythmy.

The course is open to anyone, with or without artistic experience. Some familiarity with the work of Rudolf Steiner would be an advantage but is not required.


Term 1: 18 September - 15 December 2017
Term 2: 8 January - 16 March 2018
Additional project term: 9 April - 8 June 2018 
Term 1: Sculpture + Materials with Rudolf Kaesbach and others
Term 2: Colour + Drawing with Martin Gutjahr and others
Term 3: Additional Project work


The course is based on the inspiring studies of Steiner’s metamorphic process of the seven pillars in the first Goetheanum building. The theme of processes is taken up during the course in many different ways. For example processes in sculpture, painting, own creative process, social processes and art, movement processes, etc.
Students are offered space and time to find their own creative and individual style and impulse in art.
Additional Project work
We will offer the option of an additional project work in Term 3.
The sculpture projects will be at Emerson College (UK) with Rudolf Kaesbach. The colour projects will be in Germany with Martin Gutjahr.
Each student will be assessed individually for their suitability for this project work. We will look at: artistic motivation, project theme, capacity to work independently and the visa situation for non EU students.

For further information visit the Visual Arts dedicated website or complete the contact form (left). 

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