Visual arts

Course Availability: Short Courses and Workshops

The aim of the course is to help students discover their creative capacities in visual art. We provide students the space, in which their own impulses in art can develop and clarify, helping them to find their way of working with art in the world, individually or together with others.The background of the course has been and continues to be the inspiring source of Rudolf Steiner’s work, Anthroposophy. The involvement with Art and Anthroposophy, opens the doors of creativity and can help us to find new and meaningful ways of dealing with the creative challenges of our time.

The following module/s within the Visual Arts course may be taken independently from the full-time programme.


Term 1 Visual Arts
with Rudolf Kaesbach + others

Dates: 18th September -15th December 2017

This term can be taken independently or mornings only.

Tuition fee: Full time: £2150 / Mornings only: £1500