Foundation Of Painting

Course Availability: Full Time Short Courses and Workshops

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This course concentrates on painting and drawing and is inspired by Anthroposophy, which opens a wider understanding of art as an essential part of human development. Through conversation between the outer and the inner world, students enter the field of creativity. They are offered space and time to find their individual style and impulse in art.

The programme is in two parts. They can be taken individually for artistic exploration or together as an ongoing basis for professionalism. This artistic education can be a fundamental preparation for art and craft teaching at Waldorf Schools or Rudolf Steiner based pedagogy.

Artistic engagement offers a break from everyday life. This course can be taken as a vocational training or a path of individual development.

By doing art in a concentrated way, young people may find inspiration for further steps in their career.

The courses are open to anyone, with or without artistic experience. Some familiarity with the work of Rudolf Steiner would be an advantage but is not required.


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Pt 1: THE DYNAMICS OF COLOUR - 6th Jan to 9th Feb 2019*

This first course leads us into the universal world of colours. Colours are of a spiritual nature. Colours surround us. Working with them allows us to sense what lives behind the world we perceive through our eyes. 


Pt 2: THE DIMENSIONS OF A PAINTING - 12th Feb to 16th March 2019*

In this course we work with different qualities of space in painting. What makes a painting speak will be one of our central issues. Next to colours in their movement, tones and interplay, there is the question of space which gives a painting freedom.


Both courses are accompanied by blocks of drawing and give a foundation in painting and drawing skills.  The media we work in are; for painting, watercolour on paper and tempera on canvas. For drawing, charcoal, pencil, pastels and more.

*It is recommended to take the two courses together, but they can also be taken separately.

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  • The Dynamic of Colours:  £880
  • The Dimensions of a Painting:  £880

The course fee includes most of the course materials

Lessons take place in the mornings, Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 12:30.  In the afternoons students progress their own work in the studios.

Residential accommodation and meals are charged separately.