Foundation Of Painting - CANVAS WORK

Course Availability: Full Time Short Courses and Workshops




27th Jan to 6th March 2020


An introduction to canvas work with colour pigments in tempura technique.

Through this six-week immersive painting course a step by step learning process will open for us the world of this medium. Beginning by stretching and priming our own canvas, the knowledge and use of colours is central to the programme.


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Next to technical skills, we will develop in this course a sense for composition. This will be led by an understanding of the dynamics of colours. Colours have objective qualities, but the way they speak to us is manifold. Understanding this will serve as an introduction of our course.  When this foundation is given, we will then focus on abstract compositions.

The world of abstract painting is endless and individual. The aim is to find orientation through colour conversations:  How do colours relate to each other, how do they play with each other, how do they help each other to be seen?  Ultimately, colours shall find their expression.

We will also train ourself in drawing. Here we learn and explore different methods of using pencils or crayons on white, black and coloured paper.  In the drawing sessions, which will always happen in the mornings for the first hour, motifs such as still life or landscape or figures are starting points for variations.

This painting course is designed for beginners as well as for experienced artists and will give inspiration to all.   Exercises are given, but how to work them out is individual.  Guidance and freedom will be offered according to the standard and experience of individual students.   





TUITION FEE:  £1050* 

*The price includes materials but excludes accommodation, meals and travel costs.