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Dear Friends

We have decided to postpone this year's Weaving Inneraction Gathering scheduled to take place this Autumn. 

Our impulse to create this gathering as a sacred space in which to explore courage and inner balance is very strong, however we feel the need to allow more time for this to unfold and to enable us to spread the word to more people.

We are hoping to resechedule the gathering for sometime next year and are currently looking at possible dates.

If you would like to register your interest, please CLICK HERE.

Warm wishes

The Weaving Inneraction Team.


Awakening our heart space, where we encounter and learn to embody courage for our life.

Through our Weaving Inneraction gathering we will  create a heart space for true encounter. For this we will let ourselves be guided and inspired by the virtue of courage. The root of the word courage is heart. If we want to find our way in this world, which seems to be confronting us from all directions with ever more fearful scenarios for the future, we will need to take heart and be ready to use our strength and not remain passive towards life. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, we ask ourselves: “How can I not withdraw in a timid way from the things which life asks from me, but be prepared to take myself in hand and know how to act when it is necessary?” Courage is connected with a healthy life of feeling. We can therefore also ask ourselves: “How do I create a healthy life of feeling out of which I can develop bravery at the right moment?” 

Our intention is to provide a time to explore these questions and the questions you bring, to further develop the work that we began in last year’s gathering. Our hope is that we, from an inner balance can be active towards a healthy society. Through a carefully and purposefully designed schedule we will have the opportunity to be supported through the experience of different activities, and together generate a heart space for true encounter. Guest contributors and workshop leaders will guide and energize us on this journey.

Emerson College will nourish and support us in this collective work with its beautiful and peaceful environment, its healthy food and warm character. For the participants of Weaving Inneraction, that will mean being served delicious and freshly prepared, all organic meals for lunch and supper every day. Most of which will consist of vegetables, fruits and herbs just harvested from the Emerson College biodynamic garden. These qualities that our amazing venue Emerson College has to offer, a group of highly qualified guest contributors (with some new and returning), the dynamic Weaving Inneraction Team and more will all assist us in the supported experience of diving into our heart space where we encounter and learn to embody courage for our life.

For more information and to see a detailed schedule for the gathering please visit our website: www.weavinginneraction.com

Contributors and Workshop Leaders – Paul Matthews, Margli Matthews, Rachel Aharon, Lindsey Ternent, Hayley Burtenshaw, Ianthe Lauwaert, Melody Brink and more to be confirmed.