Event Details

  • When: Saturday, 06 June 2020
  • Dates: Sat 6th to Sun 7th June 2020

    Sat 10:30 to 18:00
    Sun 9:00 to 12:30

    Where: Emerson College

    Course Fees: £120*

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    Booking your place on this course and your stay at Emerson are two separate steps and payments:


    To book your place please contact Alex Wright on 01342 827 967.


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    We also warmly invite you to join Karsten for a talk at 8pm on Friday 5th June.  Please click for more info.

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Working with Nature Spirits

WEEKEND WORKSHOP: Working with Nature Spirits

Explore ways to approach and sharpen our perception of nature spirits with Karsten Massei.

In this weekend workshop, Karsten Massei--who is exceptionally sensitive to the invisible beings of life that surround us always and everywhere--offers a gentle but powerful call, from those beings themselves, to discard superstition and begin to awake to the reality of life. As stewards of the living Earth, we have certain responsibilities, too long neglected. The Earth is not an abstraction--a dead "rock" hurtling through space--but a living being. The elemental beings, who are intimately, intrinsically connected to the living Earth and to the living human race, suffer from our indifference, egoism, and ignorance of life, but they have much to teach us and patiently await our attention.

Nature is animated by these spiritual beings. The whole of nature is based on a tremendous creative event, in which an incalculable number of entities are involved at any moment. Every moment of life is created from the spiritual world. These beings, who are connected with this creative process, are waiting for the human being to work with them. They call for people to become aware of their responsibility for the good of the earth and to contribute to its recovery and healing.

Only from the individuality of human beings can this access be made. There is not one right way, but many individual ways of development. It follows that clairvoyance does not have to be a prerequisite for working with the spiritual beings of nature. The focus in this workshop will be on finding and walking your own destiny with these nature spirits.

Karsten Massei

Karsten Massei was born in 1963 in Berlin. He started out by studying political science and then decided to train in Switzerland as a curative, or therapeutic, educator and is now a class teacher in a curative day school. He also gives courses and seminars on the practice of suprasensory perception and leads tours focusing on the experience and care of the many kinds of landscapes and life spaces of the Earth. In addition, Karsten Massei is active with biography and life counseling and supports therapists with suggestions to improve their work. He currently lives in Zürich.