This week long residential course with Vivian Gladwell and Ali Stockford brings a fresh new way of looking at impros by focusing on the many strategies we use for avoiding mistakes.

A Goethean Study Morning exploring study of embryonic morphogenesis and bodily forms, mobility and behaviours with Dr Philip Kilner.

Sacred Geometry and the Art of Hexagonal Basketry with Daniel and Vija Docherty. A day long course exploring the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry in 2D/ 3D.

A Celebration of the Art, Architecture and Design of the 12th-14th Centuries with Daniel Docherty, Lucie Galvani and Jonathan Horning.

Exploring the Geometric Genius of Persian master craftsmen with Daniel Doherty and Adam Williamson.

Do you look out into the world and see an unhealthy society and wonder how to live in it as a healthy human being?

A collaborative weekend workshop with Forest Row School of Ceramics and the Acorn Social Arts Studio.

A 6 day residential course with Vivian Gladwell and Ali Stockford designed to further your practice of clowning with a focus on structure and relationship

A one week course with Bronia Evers and Arthur Gardner-Dyer, ideal for anyone interested in puppet making and storytelling, wishing to take inspiration from the natural world .

Learn the traditional techniques of Moroccan Zouaq painting with Natasha Mann.

with Vivian Gladwell and guests.

This 4-week intensive residential course is for anyone interested in exploring clowning either professionally or for personal reason. 

A day long an introduction to the five Platonic Solids with Daniel Docherty.



When: 09.09.18

So you’ve begun your journey as a storyteller but what is the territory ahead?

A three-day course with Celtic Geometer and Celtic Patterns: visual rhythms of the ancient mind author Adam Tetlow.

Take a deeper look at mineral nature and creatively explore the differences and interrelationships of the four classical elements -  Earth, Water, Air and Fire - in this week-long course with Dr Philip Kilner, Daniel Docherty and Vija Docherty.

Explore the dynamics of our soul life as we encounter it within our own life themes in this Weekend Workshop with Anita Charton.

A two-day Rose Window Geometry course with Master Geometer Jonathan Horning.

Story can touch and transform everything you do. Applied Storytelling will give you the translation tools to put story to work in whatever field you operate.

Explore and take inspiration from the myriad of interconnected relationships among plants and the creatures that cooperate with them in this week-long course with Dr Philip Kilner, Daniel Docherty and Vija Docherty. .

Observe the development and mobility of animal forms and the relationships between their inner and outer mobility in this week-long creative course with Dr Philip Kilner and guest tutors.

Exploring the Art of Storytelling: a 4 weekend course with Roi Gal-Or.

'... the heavens' embroidered cloths ...' with Daniel Docherty & Hartmut Warm.

Examine our own relationships to nature and the privilege and responsibility we hold as humans through this week-long creative course with Dr Philip Kilner and guest tutors.

An Introduction to the World of Storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

A two-day course exploring the philosophy and practice of labyrinths with Daniel Docherty.

A life-changing one-day course with Daniel Docherty.

Exploring Islamic Geometric Design from around the world with Daniel Docherty and Ameet Hindocha.

Therapeutic Insights: Lecture V

'Our individual spiritual past is living in our thinking and remembering, our spiritual future has to be build out of knowledge, how Ahriman and Lucifer are working in our soul and in our Etheric body.'

Learn the skills of Animal Communication and the wisdom and ways of the Storyteller in this one-week workshop with Ashley Ramsden and Noémie Rimmer.

Round Willow Baskets with Annemarie O’Sullivan.

Biographical Storytelling: 4 weekends of in-depth exploration of the magical and powerful art of telling personal true-life stories.

A storytelling course for those who feel exhausted or stuck in their work with a community, with Stella Kassimati and Gauri Raje.

Learn the alchemy and processes involved in making your own set of watercolour and gouache paints in this week long course with Daniel Docherty and David Cranswick PhD.

This weekend workshop with Stella Kassimati is for those eager to explore the Greek Pantheon and tell a Greek myth.

A storytelling weekend exploring the power, in our society, of the Ancient Greek Gods Apollo and Dionysos with Stella Kassimati.

A playful and fun introduction to puppetry and puppet making as tools for creative storytelling with Bronia Evers.