A three-day course with Lisa Romero to deepen your understanding of what takes place on the inner development path and transform your soul's capacities into organs of spiritual perception.

An Introduction to the World of Storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

Explore 'the heavens' embroidered cloths' with Daniel Docherty & Hartmut Warm.

An Introduction to the World of Storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

A one-day introduction to platonic solids with Daniel Docherty.

Learn to carve Platonic Solids in this weekend workshop with master stone-carver Nicholas G. Durnan.

Discover secrets of the ‘fluent inscape’ of our living body through medical images, illustrations, and the forms of the skeleton. With Philip Kilner and Vija Docherty.

Story can touch and transform everything you do. Applied Storytelling will give you the translation tools to put story to work in whatever field you operate.

An introduction to The Psychology of Colour by studying and painting “Soul Moods”, working with the Temperaments and Conflict Resolution with Mary Anne Paterson!

Explore the musical and geometrical relationships inherent in the shapes within our solar system in this two-day course with Adam Tetlow.

A storytelling course for those who feel exhausted or stuck in their work with a community, with Stella Kassimati and Gauri Raje.

A creative and inspiring storytelling journey of weaving together traditional and personal stories into one performance. with Roi Gal-Or.

An introduction through painting and drawing to Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual psychology and to the working of the planets in the human organs with Mary Anne Paterson!

A two-day course with Celtic Geometer and Celtic Patterns: visual rhythms of the ancient mind author Adam Tetlow.

Learn how to draw beautiful Alhambra patterns using the traditional tools of compass and straightedge.

Join the Reverend Peter Owen-Jones and Professor David Peters in quest of the sacred: towards inner and outer reconciliation.

This weekend workshop with Stella Kassimati is for those eager to explore the Greek Pantheon and tell a Greek myth.

Learn the alchemy and processes involved in making your own set of watercolour and gouache paints in this week long course with Daniel Docherty and David Cranswick PhD.

Learn the traditional techniques of Moroccan Geometry and Zouaq painting with Daniel Docherty and Natasha Mann.

Exploring the Geometric Genius of Persian master craftsmen with Daniel Doherty.

A short course exploring sacred patterns and mandalas of the world with Daniel Docherty.

Discovering our Inner Portraits as a tool for Self-Development and Transformation with Mary Anne Paterson!

An imaginative dive into the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone for new knowledge and practice to nurture ‘right relationship’ with Stella Kassimati and Hannah McDowall.

A short course exploring the philosophy and practice of labyrinths with Daniel Docherty.

Join Daniel Docherty and discover finest examples of Islamic Geometric Pattern.

An inspiring painting workshop encouraging personal transformation with Mary Anne Paterson!

Sacred Geometry and the Art of Hexagonal Basketry with Daniel Docherty. A day long course exploring the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry in 2D/ 3D.

A storytelling weekend exploring the power and energy, within and without,  of the Greek Gods Dionysos and Apollo with Stella Kassimati.

A life-changing two-day course with Daniel Docherty.

Working with painting and drawing and looking at Rudolf Steiner’s indications on fairytales and the Seasons with Mary Anne Paterson!

A workshop, inspired by the beautiful and ancient art of shadow puppetry with Mary Anne Paterson!

An Inner Development painting workshop working with Colour Moods and Portraits with Mary Anne Paterson!

Biographical Storytelling:4 weekends of in-depth exploration of the magical and transformative art of telling personal true-life stories. With Roi Gal-or