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  • When: Monday, 08 October 2018
  • Dates: Mon 8th to Fri 12th Oct

    Where: Emerson College, Forest Row, Sussex

    Course Fee: £250  (excluding meals & accommodation)

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ONE WEEK COURSE: Animals - inward and outward mobility of form

ONE WEEK COURSE: Animals - inward and outward mobility of form

Observe the development and mobility of animal forms and the relationships between their inner and outer mobility in this week-long creative course with Dr Philip Kilner and guest tutors.

How can we gain a deeper understanding of the natural world?
What insights can we gain from animals?
How can we use those insights to heighten the imaginative and creative faculties through which we experience and shape our world?

‘In developing a deeper understanding of relatedness we can start to connect more fully with our own creativity and align our work more purposefully with the needs of our community, world and self.’

Interweaving observational science and nature-based art, this course provides you with the opportunity to step out of your daily life to hone your techniques of perception and observation, develop your capacity for both scientific and artistic enquiry and learn new creative skills.

During this course you will be invited to take a deeper look at the animal kingdom to explore the nature of movement and form through a guided programme of Perceptive Observation, Animal forms, Drawing, Painting and Modelling.

This course can be taken as a stand alone course or as part of the longer Relational Arts & Organic Design Programme.

For other open modules within the programme see below:


BLOCK 1: Enquiry

4 x One Week Open Modules:

Week 1 - Mineral: 
24th - 28th Sept


Observation & Enquiry, Pigmentmaking, Clay modelling, Drawing and Geometry.

Week 2 - Plant: 
1st - 5th Oct


Observation & Enquiry, Pigment making, Basketry, Environmental Arts & Crafts, Plants in nutrition.

Week 3 - Animal: 
8th - 12th Oct


Observation & Enquiry, Animal forms, Drawing, Painting, Modelling.

Week 4 -Human: 
15th - 19th Oct


Human compared to animal form, Relational Exploration, Painting, Modelling, Cooking, Communication.

BLOCK 2: Creativity

Can also be taken as a stand alone four week intensive.  Click here for more information.

Click here to find out more about ‘Thoughts on discovery through art and science’ by Dr Philip Kilner