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  • When: Monday, 14 January 2019
  • Dates: 14th to 18th January 2019

    Tuition Fees: £400 (Or £375 early bird rate if you book before 31st October 2018)

    Where: Emerson College 

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SHORT COURSE: Body and Space - Physical Gestures and Gestures in Motion

SHORT COURSE: Body and Space - Physical Gestures and Gestures in Motion

Learn how the body can be the primary tool for performing and performance making in this inspiring one-week course with Prof Roland Matthies and Rachel Porter.

Examining the idea of 'the performer’ as somewhere in-between an actor and a dancer. This course allows you to explore your relationship to your own body, other bodies and the space between bodies.

Inspired by the methodologies of Jacques lecoq, Étienne Decroux and Micheal Checkov, Gestural Performing Arts Training is about the empowerment of the performer through their embodiment process, vocally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This unique approach to performance training sees the body as a poetic, rhythmic, creative centre for the self of the performer.

As a participant you will learn about the essential nature of Gestural performance which involves elements of physical theatre, visual theatre, movement/dance theatre. We will invite you to work through improvisations and images to explore the Gestural landscape of your own physical and emotional being.

As a group we will experiment with our relationship to the space around us and how we can utilise it to enrich, stage presence, relational dynamics and dramatic atmosphere, giving you the tools to expand your expressive vocabulary in character work, ensemble work, narrative and choreography.

New to Gestural Performing Arts? 

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