Certificate in anthroposophic psychology, psychopathology and psychosomatics

Course Availability: Part Time

Teachers and professionals who are not practicing counsellors or psychotherapists can now apply to join the Certificate in anthroposophic psychology, psychopathology and psychosomatics course which will run alongside the course  in Anthroposophic Psychotherapyat Emerson College. The two main criteria for acceptance on this course are:

  1. experience of pupils and clients experiencing psychological and developmental problems 
  2. a capacity for postgraduate study


Drawing by Henriette Dekkers-Appel

The anthroposophic psychotherapy course has been specifically designed for psychotherapists, counsellors, clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists working with adults to explore human development and the effects of trauma and threshold conditions on mental health from the perspective of anthroposophic psychotherapeutic developmental medical insights. But it is clear that other life supporting professions will benefit from the insights of anthroposophic psychotherapy’s holistic, bio-psycho-social-spiritual orientation: for instance, teachers, therapists and supporting professions. 

The healthy upbringing of children is inextricably linked to adult mental health. At present the applications of behaviourism and materialism is damaging children’s development. These materialistic applications are affecting human spiritual development, and mental wellbeing. The anthroposophic psychotherapy course recognises that individual healing, sensitive parenting and health-giving education are essential for healing.

The course will highlight:

  • Formative phases within human development
  • Perspectives of healthy child development
  • Effects of trauma on development
  • Manifestations of transgenerational trauma
  • Effects of materialism 
  • Damaging behavioural practices
  • Attachment theories and detachment
  • Compassion, love and forgiveness
  • Constitution orientations and specific learning difficulties
  • Epigenetics 

Students on this course will participate alongside psychotherapists, counsellors, clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists in the long weekend interactive seminars although the two professional streams will divide into two separate groups for about half of each weekend to focus on case study work, digestion of the content and profession specific subjects. 

The interim seminars will include individual contributions and research appropriate to each of the two fields.


The course is still accepting applicants until 12 February 2019. Then the course will be closed.       



Drawing by Henriette Dekkers-Appel


Training and experience are an essential pre-requisite for the course. Enquirers whose training and experience is predominantly in the field of education, art therapy, social care and social work will be able to apply subject to submitting a CV, writing a 500-word statement demonstrating that they are prepared for study that demands inner work and self-reflection, an interview and a reference. 


The date of the next interactive seminars are:

21 - 24 February 2019

6 - 9 June 2019

The rest of seminar dates for will follow a similar frequency until June 2021.


Dr Tessabella Lovemore: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.