Glass Greenhouse Project

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‘Biodynamics gives us practical wisdom to heal and nurture the earth. 
By cultivating this knowledge within ourselves and others we can help to seed the skills for a more sustainable future’
Trude Lauksund, Emerson’s lead biodynamic gardener.

Do you care about healing the earth?
Do you want to grow a more sustainable future?
Do you believe that education can inspire change?

Our vision is a self sustaining, biodynamic* garden that provides a place for teaching biodynamic cultivation and wholesome nutrition to visitors, residents and students from all over the world, thus showcasing sustainable growing in the College and beyond. 

Our challenge is that our indoor growing space is too limited for our garden to be fully self-sustaining. This means that we are not able to fulfil this vision as we partly rely on other food suppliers, so contributing to plastic proliferation (nearly every food item bought is wrapped) and to the carbon footprint (food often comes from abroad, involving transport). 

Our plan is to buy a glass greenhouse so that we can grow more food on site all year round. This will allow us to reduce our environmental impact and become more self-sufficient, bringing our vision closer to fulfilment. It will create a space that both embodies and teaches the principle and practice of biodynamic cultivation, supporting learning and change through short courses, volunteer and internship programmes.

The indoor growing space must fulfil three criteria:

- be good quality, in order to create the best environment for biodynamic cultivation and education

- be durable, so that it has a long lifespan, which offers the best value for money and minimises environmental impact

- be made from reconditioned materials which will minimise the use of new resources

This is why we have chosen a glass greenhouse, not a poly-tunnel.  We have selected a reconditioned Venlo greenhouse, one of the best types of greenhouse used by professional growers, guaranteed for 20 years. Its total ground surface is 128m2. The height is c.3.5m. 

To buy this we must raise £ 38,000, to cover the purchase of the greenhouse, including transport and complete installation, the foundation work and the irrigation system. 

 *Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to healing the planet through regenerative horticulture and agriculture. 

Why is this important?

Our environment and planet need protecting. This is an urgent need that challenges the way we produce and consume. It calls upon us to find ways to grow, eat and live in greater harmony with nature, producing our food as close as possible to where it is eaten so that we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, food miles and packaging. We believe that we can inspire others by our example! 

Through this project we aim to demonstrate and inspire change through education, teaching others how to heal and nurture the earth and grow a more sustainable future.  Experiential learning is the way we inspire change at Emerson College, demonstrating new possibilities in how we grow, eat and live, in true harmony with nature. 

You can help us to create this vision and spread these seeds of knowledge…

by supporting our investment in the glass greenhouse.

Be an ambassador for this project, passing the message on and explaining to others why it is so important.

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