Lifeways 2019

Course Availability: Short Courses and Workshops

What is Lifeways?

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Lifeways is an annual event, a week long experience of workshops, activities and music, suitable for the whole family.

People of all ages explore, create, and dream in a variety of sessions throughout the week (see the brochure for more details). Children engage in a variety of experiences including clay work, food preparation, painting, and cooperative games with their groups.

About Lifeways 2018

'This year well over 200 participants joined us for Lifeways – for some it was just a walk away, and others arrived exhausted in the heat after a long flight with their children and lots of camping gear. Registration was buzzing with the usual re-meeting of friends old and new, confirming the all-important workshop choices and finding a ‘home’ for the week on the lovingly prepared campus. Some prepared for their first ever night in a tent, others for the chance to sleep out under the stars for as many nights as possible, and the more conservative of us were very happy to find the key to a room waiting !

We started with an evening of music and introductions to the theme  – then straight into the morning singing together and workshops the next day.  There was a lovely choice of activities for ‘head, heart and hand’ for adults, children and adults and children together.

  • Would you like to meet and work with fellow travellers on the path of spiritual development?
  • Would you like to have a serious look at your own biography, explore your creative and interpersonal skills or teach your hands a new craft or a new instrument?
  • Would you like to share a long term passion for something meaningful to you? 

Lifeways is a great place to place to do it all, and to actually DO anthroposophy together with others.

A lot of us leave Lifeways changed, and perhaps we’ll remember our Lifeways experiences of the rain and look at rain differently for the rest of this incarnation at least.  At the end of the week we shared our experience of the workshops together, and admired the display of things that had been made – colourful candles and felt, baskets, clay figures, wooden toys, song books, mobiles – all to be lovingly taken home and enjoyed. Looking round the lawn, covered in participants in conversation as they shared the traditional Saturday Lifeways meal – Marconi cheese followed by watermelon - I could not help but think how Lifeways is playing a small part in our preparation for the sixth epoch.  In a world of increasingly ‘artificial’ and ‘distant’ communication Lifeways offers an opportunity to really MEET.'   

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