Other initiatives on campus

Emerson is home to a number of independent initiatives which are part of its rich learning and research community. These include:

Foundation for Water

Foundation for Water is a UK charity with the purpose of helping water support life. It was set up in 2008 by John Wilkes, as a next stage of his water research centre started at Emerson College in the 1970s. John Wilkes coordinated significant research design activities by a network of scientists, mathematicians and designers supporting his breakthrough insights into water’s dynamic role vital to nature’s health.

Worldwide, there is much discussion on how to heal the planet in this time of environmental crisis, and healing water’s poor condition is a major aspect of this challenge. Foundation for Water has five areas of work to respond effectively to the urgent issues facing water worldwide:

1. Research: conducting research into nature’s effective ways of creating good water quality

2. Technology: developing biomimicry eco-technologies to restore good water quality

3. Education: sharing a profound understanding of water and its vital importance to nature

Presently, FFW has its main focus on research into energy in water, how to increase this and how to measure such changes using modern scientific equipment and methods. In this process, we are developing an international network of scientists to work with, using quantitative and qualitative methods of research to better understand the profound, life enhancing qualities of water.


We need new kinds of technologies which express a new ‘water consciousness’ and ways of living in harmony with nature. That is the significance of the work of John Wilkes’ and his international network of co-workers.” Gary J. Coates, Professor, Dept of Architecture, Kansas State University   


For more information on The Foundation for Water, visit their website.



Robin's Nest 

robins nest

Robin's Nest provides Waldorf inspired childcare for a mixed constellation of children between the ages of 3 and 7. We are situated on the beautiful grounds of Emerson College, a stone throw away from our local biodynamic farm.

Our morning is led by our fully qualified and trained Waldorf Teacher Raquel Cestari who, as a caring role model, provides a homely environment for the children to gently unfold out of. Raquel works out of an understanding of Anthroposophical pedagogy using rhythm, repetition and imitation, allowing the child to learn from life and out of life.

Our ethos is to create and sustain a setting which provides therapeutic care and education to nurture the whole family in their journey of parenting. We believe that working together as a community is a fundamental principle, which creates the conditions out of which the whole family can experience a healthy journey of growth. We therefore have a diverse and inclusive setting providing childcare for parents from all walks of life.

For more information visit the website at www.robinsnest.org.uk


Forest Row School of Ceramics

Forest Row School of Ceramics is due to open at Emerson College in early 2017.

The School is run by potter Katrina Jenkins, a popular local teacher with an infectious enthusiasm and passion for her craft. She has over 20 years’ teaching experience, the last six years in Forest Row. She is also an established potter herself selling and exhibiting her work internationally.

Katrina believes that pottery is a very therapeutic and rewarding activity, suitable for all ages and all levels of ability. She loves seeing how her classes relax and de-stress her students and will continue to offer her existing weekly classes and termly workshops, perfect for those who want to try a new experience or learn a new skill.

For those who want to make pottery their profession, the aim behind the school is to eventually offer full-time, high-level courses covering all aspects of Ceramics, with help from prominent potters running blocks of teaching throughout the year. Talented artists would have the opportunity to develop their own styles and benefit from being taught the traditional skills and practises needed to set up as independent potters.

For more information about The Forest Row School of Ceramics, contact Katrina Jenkins on: 07894 447938

Website: Katrinapechalceramics.co.uk


St Anthony's Trust

Emerson College enjoys a close relationship with St Anthony's Trust, the local charity which owns the Rachel Carson Centre and the land and buildings on which both Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch farms operate. It is also one of the bodies involved with the Pixton 3rd Age Project at Emerson College. You can learn more about St Anthony's Trust at their website.