A week with Rumi, guided by Duncan Mackintosh and Ashley Ramsden.

An Introduction to the World of Storytelling with Ashley Ramsden.

Five days of unbridled creativity, story, paint and play with Ashley Ramsden and Hugh Dunford Wood.

A journey through painting and storytelling in celebration of St. Francis and the wolf

Join the graduates of the three month course Storytelling Beyond Words for a day of workshops, performances and story happenings exploring the role contemporary storytellers can play, in meeting 21st century challenges.

Learn the skills of Animal Communication and the wisdom and ways of the Storyteller in this one-week workshop with Ashley Ramsden and Noémie Rimmer.



When: 14.07.19

So you’ve begun your journey as a storyteller but what is the territory ahead?

How do we make our choices and are we ready to face the consequences? Are we free or is there such thing as Destiny?

Join Roi Gal-Or & Daniel Docherty on a unique pilgrimage, a quest of marrying the timely with the timeless; a journey where the incredible, ancient stories built in stone and shining through stained glass will be re-enlivened. 

A playful and fun introduction to puppetry and puppet making as tools for creative storytelling with Bronia Evers.

Biographical Storytelling: 4 weekends of in-depth exploration of the magical and powerful art of telling personal true-life stories. With Roi Gal-or

Story can touch and transform everything you do. Applied Storytelling will give you the translation tools to put story to work in whatever field you operate.

A creative and inspiring storytelling journey of weaving together traditional and personal stories into one performance. with Roi Gal-Or.