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  • When: Saturday, 14 August 2021
  • Dates: 14-15 Aug

    Times: Saturday 9am- 8.30pm, Sunday 9am-12.30pm

    Where: Emerson College

    Course Fees:  £280 per weekend

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SUMMER WEEKEND: Fire, Foraging and Folktales

SUMMER WEEKEND: Fire, Foraging and Folktales

Join Fergus Drennan and Arthur Dyer for a weekend of Fire, Foraging & Folktales, exploring flowers, seeds and spontaneous storytelling.

Join us on a journey through the seasons of foraging, fire craft, cooking and conjuring tales.  We will plunge into the arts of foraging and storytelling, exploring how they connect, cross-pollinate and enrich one another.

This weekend is part of our Fire, Foraging and Folktales series.  Each weekend will have a different storytelling and foraging focus according to the season’s mood, delights and characters.  Please click on the links below for times and booking links for each weekend.

Autumn Weekend: 3rd/4th October 2020: 
An introduction to fungi and folktales - the deadly and the delightful

Winter Weekend: January 30th/31st  2021: 
More mushrooms, barks and biographical tales

Spring Weekend: 1st/2nd May 2021: 
Wild salads and sensory storytelling

Summer weekend: 14th/15th August 2021: 
Flowers, seeds and spontaneous storytelling

Each weekend will involve some fireside sharing and we will gather tinder and explore different fire lighting methods.  The fire provides a source of inspiration and warmth with transformative potential for both our wild food and our emerging stories.



Fire Foraging and Folktales2

Introducing Fergus

Wild food experimentalist, course faciliator, forager, the ever-curious Fergus Drennan, aka Fergus The Forager, has been gathering and learning about wild plants, seaweeds, and fungi for over 40 years, beginning on Wimbledon Common, aged 3 years, collecting dandelions for the family’s pet tortoise.

Since those early days, and through much creative and experimental exploration he has continued his foraging practice, not only as a means to understand and to discover the practical relevance that foraging has in the modern developed world, but also in terms of what it means to be an environmentally conscious human in relation to the natural world.

“Can foraging ever be considered a truly sustainable practice, and if so how?”, is a question that always orchestrates his foraging activity, as does a pursuit of foraging’s playful and creative possibilities, whether they be found in novel recipes using plants, fungi, and seaweeds, or unlocking the possibilities that wild botanicals offer for other non-food-based creative pursuits. That includes, among other things, the making of baskets, mushroom paper, and natural dyes and pigments.

Fergus has a huge amount of wild food knowledge to share, and an array of imaginative ways of doing so. After even only an afternoon with him, the natural world around you will never look the same again.


Fire Foraging and Folktales 3

Introducing Arthur

Having completed the full time 3 month Storytelling course with The International School of Storytelling in 2008, Arthur has since applied and developed these skills in educational, care and community settings, as well as performing at clubs and festivals. He has been running successful courses on the Art of Storytelling for many years.

In 2014, Arthur trained with WildWise in Environmental and Outdoor education, developing Bushcraft and Firecraft, while deepening his relationship with nature through song, poetry and fireside storytelling. Arthur went on to work as a mentor and Storyteller with various Outdoor Learning providers.

He has since completed a 4 year part-time training in Imaginative movement, play and spatial dynamics. He currently works as a Steiner School teacher, specialising in Games and imaginative movement but also runs storytelling courses for adults, sometimes collaborating with Dramatists and Puppeteers.

Arthur has a love of foraging, fermenting and wild food. Some of his favourites include: Wild Garlic Flower fritters, Elderflower champagne and chicken of the woods sautéed with ginger.