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  • When: Sunday, 15 August 2021
  • to Friday, 20 August

    This course is part of our Emerson Summer School Programme.  To find out more about the programme including the programme overview, teachers and course times, please on the Summer School Programme link below:


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SUMMER SCHOOL: The Beauty Of Nature Reappears - Part 2

SUMMER SCHOOL: The Beauty Of Nature Reappears - Part 2

Learn how to paint the landscape with Martin Gutjahr.

'Through Me, The Beauty Of Nature Reappears In My Artwork'

We will open our eyes and senses to the beauty of the Sussex landscape around Emerson College. There is much to discover: the landscape in its large scale where heaven and earth meet, where light and air create atmosphere, where trees and plants and clouds catch our eyes.

Using watercolours and coloured pencils, we will use the two materials both separately and in combination with each other. The colours around us, the colours in nature and in a landscape are manifold. We will learn to see them and to bring them into an arrangement on our paper which allows us to experience the landscape and ourselves in that landscape.

We will begin with an introduction to the use of the materials, followed by understanding the different perspectives which are present when observing the landscape. Then we learn to integrate the elements and characteristics of the scene into the entirety of our works of art. The more skilful we become, the more playfully we can work, and the more our creativity can flow.

Martin will be running two one-week art courses on  landscape drawing and painting for our Summer School Programme.  The two courses complement each other, and can be taken separately or together.