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  • When: Sunday, 22 August 2021
  • to Friday, 27 August

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SUMMER SCHOOL: The Nature Of This Moment

SUMMER SCHOOL: The Nature Of This Moment

Join Roi Gal-Or to explore the nature of what it means to be truly connected.

Our world is changing faster than ever. As the Human race, races forward, are we leaving the 'Human' behind?

We are linked to the whole world through fast devices in our pockets, we connect with distant friends and family through digital communities and social networks, and are able to search for (and find) almost everything we need online.

Yet even with such efficient communication, stretching across a wired globe, we experience more and more wars and conflicts, and the Earth herself, our home and common ground, is crying for our urgent attention.  

So what is missing? 

As challenging as it may be, there is nothing in the world that can replace the qualities of real, human, live, face to face, heart to heart connection. Neither can virtual reality outshine the gifts of spending quality time in nature. This course is a wake-up call to reconnect with the greater adventure story you are here for! In the merry company of storytellers and story lovers, we will journey both in the natural outdoor world around Emerson College and in the inner world of imagination and story and explore the nature of what it means to be truly connected. Working playfully and with reverence, regaining the sense of our interconnectedness, we will open doors to creativity, joy, and inspiration to serve the greater whole while bringing our unique gifts to any situation.