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Barbara Schiller is Director and founding Board member of stART International.  Her educational background is inter-disciplinary, including legal, pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic elements.  She lives and works in an intercultural context.  Through the activity of stART, her professional emphasis since 2008 has been on emergency education, artistic trauma-therapy and systemic traumatisation, as well as integration work in Germany and Europe, and international development collaboration through Waldorf-inspired teacher training.  Her interest is in working out of the future.


Birgit Marie

Birgit-Marie Stoewer is a Waldorf and curative education teacher with a Masters degree in Education.  She is an enthusiastic Waldorf educator with rich experience in nursery, kindergarten and parental work. She is the founder of a Forest and Farm Kindergarten and has many years’ experience in training teachers and educators in Germany and abroad.  She has been working with stART International since 2012, working with children and in the training of specialist professionals.



Christoph Bednarik is an ethnologist, eurythmist and educator.  Since 2009 he has been active as team member and project leader in international stART initiatives in Haiti, Libya, Syria/Turkey, Iraq, Ukraine and Lesbos/Greece among others.  Additionally, he has been responsible for project managing all the stART activities in South West Germany since 2014. The emphasis of these has been on supporting artistic and pedagogical development work with disadvantaged children, adolescents and young adults in social hotspots.  He also has many years’ experience as lecturer and trainer.


Dr Farah Hussain took her Medical degree in Pakistan and her Postgraduate medical training as a General Practitioner in Oxford. She worked in a refugee camp in Pakistan after the earthquake in 2005. For the last five years she has been working as an Anthroposophic Doctor in Learning disabilities. She holds the Diploma for Medical management of Conflicts and Catastrophes, and has a special interest in women’s health.


Marah Evans is a trained and qualified art therapist, psychodynamic counsellor, anthroposophic biography worker and supervisor. She worked at a UK residential clinic and a medical practice and therapy centre for over 25 years, and for a leading organisation as a counsellor and interim child and family lead. Marah has taught widely in the UK, Philippines, India, China and Taiwan, Europe and America. Her current private practice includes work with trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, bereavement and relationship issues as well as supervision for clinical practitioners, art therapists and psychotherapists. This has included supervision for therapists in India and for a UK based refugee centre and a men’s prison.


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Maria Zemp was born in 1957 in Switzerland, and has lived in Germany since 1989.  She runs her own independent practice internationally as a psychotherapist and coach.  The main emphasis in her work is on the effects of violence and trauma, and on organisational and personal self-care. She has many years’ experience as teacher and supervisor in social institutions and civil society support structures.

Since 2003 she has been developing an approach to stress and trauma-sensitivity and the concept of “mindful organisational culture”, in cooperation with the women’s rights and aid organisation Medica Mondiale.  She facilitates the implementation of both these methods in Germany and through international collaborations in Afghanistan, Liberia and Northern Iraq.



Marion Green is a HCPC Registered Art Psychotherapist, Certified Trauma Therapist. Marion has worked with people in the penal system, psychiatric care, with traumatised adolescents and the chronically sick and dying.  She is a former social worker specialised in child protection and adoption. Marion currently works with homeless women and in private practise; is a clinical supervisor and a visiting lecturer at Tobias School of Art and Therapy. She has taught in Spain, Georgia, Africa and Taiwan and at Confer Psychotherapy events UK and is a published contributor to her profession.



Myrtha Faltin was born in 1959 in Munich, completed her eurythmy training in France, England and Germany, and since 1980 has gained experience in kindergartens, Waldorf schools, adult education and her own therapeutic practice.  She also completed a Masters degree in therapeutic eurythmy.  She is a founder and Board member of stART International Emergency Aid.  Working in emergencies on behalf of stART has taken her to Georgia, Haiti, Libya, the Turkish-Syrian border or the Philippines.



Rita Eckart studied Art History, Education and Art Therapy.  She specialises in Emergency, Trauma and Intercultural artistic therapy, and social art.  During several years spent in North Africa she gained experience in therapeutic support for refugees. She is a team member of stART International with many years of operational experience, and leader of the Emergency and Trauma Art Therapy further education course at Alanus University for Art and Society.  She also teaches on many Art Therapy courses in different countries and has initiated social art projects with various topical themes, including self-stabilisation for traumatised people with refugee and war-zone experiences.



About stART international

stART international has been working in emergency situations for more than 10 years. It has developed a creative, interdisciplinary, intercultural and holistic approach to working with children and adults suffering from trauma/toxic stress.

stART engages teachers, educators and artistic therapists with long professional experience. A creative, interdisciplinary, intercultural and holistic approach is the basis for all activities.

In 2019 the stART international team published a textbook on the subject: “Strengthening Children, Creating the Future”.







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