There is a wide range of rooms available to hire ranging in size from Ruskin Hall which can seat 150 people, to the Pixton meeting room for 8 people, depending on your requirements. 

We recommend that you visit the college sample the coffee, join us for lunch and take a walk around the gardens as well as looking at the spaces to help you decide how we could best host your event. 



Ruskin Hall

     Emerson 020

Large hall with stage, curtains, lights and grand piano. WIFI

Ideal For: Talks, conferences, movement classes.

Dimensions: L13 x W10.25 x H5

Capacity: 150 for talks

Price: £300 per day


Eurythmy House

     Emerson 106   Copy

Separate building with wooden floor and fantastic acoustics. No loos or water in this building, shoe free.

Ideal For: Eurythmy, dance classes, playing gongs, singing, meditation, clowning.

Dimensions: L11.5 x W9 x H4.5

Capacity: 50

Price: £185 per day


Education Room


Education room with circle of chairs

Ground floor room with blackboard & access to water. WIFI.

Ideal For: Classroom based teaching or as a break out space for conferences.

Dimensions: L10 x W8 x H2.95

Capacity: 50

Price: £185 per day


Foundation room

     Foundation room with circle of chairs 2

First floor room with blackboard, access to water and fireplace.  The brightest of the spaces. WIFI.

Ideal For: Art, meditation, classroom based teaching, break out space for conferences.

Dimensions: L10.3 x W8.35 x H4.5

Capacity: 50

Price: £210 per day


Carson Green


Ground floor, 1 class room. Building self contained with kitchenette area and loos, patio, foyer, disabled toilet in the building. WIFI

Ideal For: Training and retreats.

Capacity: 40 per room

Price: £185 per day


Red Studio and Clay Studio

     Clay room

Art studios with access to water.

Ideal For: Painting, clay modelling.

Capacity: 20 - 30


Red Studio £185 per day

Clay Studio £85 per day - CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE


Pixton and Ruskin Meeting Room


First floor with view over gardens.

Ideal For: Meetings, break out space, facilitators / organisers space for conferences.

Dimensions: L5 x W3 x H2.95

Capacity: 12

Price: £85 per day per room